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Deluxe Total Body Glow Kit

Deluxe Total Body Glow Kit

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Make your body glow with this glowing kit which includes multiple skin care products that will enhance your skin appearance while boosting your confidence. Each products will help moisturize your skin for long lasting hydration. you will find products for your face and for your body.

The Deluxe Total Body Glow Kit contains 1 body oil (150ml), 1 carrot or 1 lemon soap (5.3 oz), 1 body butter (4.2 oz), 1 brown sugar face and body scrub (5.3 oz), 1 Vit C facial serum (1.0 oz), 1 hyaluronic acid facial moisturizer (3.53 oz) and 1 body scrub sponge (4.0 oz). note that you can buy sunscreen of your choice from other vendors. 

you can buy additional items separately, but we will not be able to add any additional product in the kit. You are responsible to review each time listed separately in our store under facial and body care from the menu bar. you will receive a total of 8 products.

You will find each product expiration date on the main page. Please review each product accordingly and consult your primary care provider to identify possible allergy and or contraindications. 

As mentioned in the refund policy and terms and conditions, we do not accept returns due to the nature of our business. We will not be able to restock any items that you return. Thus, return or exchange must be approved by the store manager beforehand. We ask that you take a picture of your package as it arrives with the products in the original package, container and unopened.

** The Deluxe Total Body Glow Kit is a final sale and will not be accepted for return nor exchange** you must review the order carefully because a final sale item.

Please contact us at if you have any question.

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