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Body Scrubbing Sponge

Body Scrubbing Sponge

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Exfoliating sponge pads with natural cloth materials used to help scrub your body during regular cleansing, showering and/or bathing.

Wet your cleaning loofah and squeeze about a coin size scrub on it. Squeeze the cleaning sponge and work into a rich creamy lather. Feel the softening sensation as you apply the scrub and then rinse thoroughly. Feel the difference in just one shower. 

Please rub gently against your skin to prevent unintentional damages and rinse well after each use an let air dry for multiple use until obvious observations of wear and tear or unsanitary appearance (gross discoloration, foul odor, mold etc..) 

1 pad per order. the pictures are used for entertainment purposes. 

For external use only and keep out of reach of children.

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